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Executive Search

Executive search @ TalentGen is a dedicated systematic process which "actively" searches for the "best of the best" senior executives for a particular position for our clients. The process begins with a clear understanding of clients’ business needs as well as their culture, organizational structure and long term objectives.


TalentGen is able to identify, reach and assess a universe of competent candidates through extensive research, networking events, professional connections/relations and business referrals. Importantly, we also have the capability and resources to provide HR insights, cost-effective solutions and advice for both our clients and candidates. We never lose the human touch and professional judgment.

Contingency Search

Contingency search @ TalentGen is clearly distinguished; given the credentials & extensive recruitment experience of the founding & servicing team. It's immensely competitive with other placement firms.‎

TalentGen usually works at middle to senior management organizational levels. Our Recruiting efforts are strategically focused on a broadly target range of potential candidates, most of whom are the best in their respective functional domains.

Effective HR Consulting & Solution

The last few years of Indian Economy have seen a rapid growth with lot of investment opportunities and job opportunities where even organizations with the best of HR practices find it difficult to attract and retain its trained and talented employees. The results are delayed expansions, restructuring, consolidations, re-organization, etc. which has eventually led to freeze on hiring, Lay offs, Salary cuts and downsizing. Organizations' are looking at deeper HR engagements with all stakeholders, enabling a highly conducive work culture and efficient work force management.

TalentGen provides effective HR solution, strengthening Business-HR collaboration and driving a highly engaged and efficient organizational work force.

In addition, we provide robust and cost-effective HR solutions to SMEs and startups that do not have in-house HR capability, including all areas of HR support, recruitment & training, absence management, redundancy and outplacement, performance management, company re-structures and employee documentation.


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